About Us

BlastingGeomechanics_PTY_LTD_NoTitle_2_1_2 Our Values

Continuous learning – improvement, transfer and leverage our learning
Diversity – of people, knowledge, assignments
Do no harm – in all our dealings with people and the environment
Integrity – we practice what we preach, and do what we say we will do
Risk savvy culture – use risk informed decision making
Thrivability – united team committed to sustainable customer satisfaction
Win-win relationships – with all our clients and other stakeholders

Our Team

Blasting Geomechanics Pty Ltd is a sister company of TNL Consultants Pty Ltd (www.tnlc.com.au) and Pythagorisk Pty Ltd (www.pythagorisk.com.au). The team consists of  Trevor N Little (Director and Principal Mining Engineer), Dr Dane P Blair (Senior Principal Consultant), Dr Graham R Baird (Analysis Support) and Jessica Coleman (Office Manager).  The history of our origin follows:

The BGPL Story

The BGPL story started when the founder and current Director (Trevor N Little) was studying for an M Eng Sc in Rock Engineering at the James Cook University of North Queensland.  The unit being studied in 1985 was titled “Geophysical assessment of stress waves in rock” and the visiting Lecturer was Dr Dane P Blair.  At the time Dane was working for the CSIRO Division of Geomechanics.  Two years later when Trevor was working as a mining engineering Lecturer at the Western Australian School of Mines / Curtin University a collaborative CSIRO/WASM Blasting Research Group (BRG) was established in Kalgoorlie at WASM.  The BRG proved to be very successful and undertook a number of large industry projects.  In 1993 Dane joined ICI Explosive (Asia Pacific) at Kurri Kurri in NSW and two years later Trevor was enticed to take up a position as Principal Mining Engineer at the same business location.

On the 4th of January 2000 Trevor started up a consulting business called TNL Consultants Pty Ltd (TNLC). TNLC had three business lines: The training arm (Thrivability Training & Coaching); the risk consulting arm (Pythagorisk Solutions); and the blast consulting arm (Blasting Geomechanics). On 1st July 2012, Blasting Geomechanics Pty Ltd (BGPL) started operating as a standalone consulting firm.

Milestones of BGPL:

  • Dr D P Blair joined TNL Consultants Pty Ltd as a Senior Principal Consultant (March 2008)
  • Blasting Geomechanics Pty Ltd was incorporated (4 April 2012)
  • BGPL started operations as a professional consulting firm (1 July 2012)
  • Our website was launched (18 Nov 2013)

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