International Blasting Geology Workshop Series [BGTSS7]

In 2011 TNL Consultants / Blasting Geomechanics hosted a one day International Blasting Geology workshop in Melbourne. The topics presented: geology in quarrying and coal mining environments, influence on blast emissions and bulk movement of ore, detonics and rock response, and blasting in hostile ground.  BGPL are currently planning to host a similar event in 2021, in association with FRAGBLAST 13 (4th International Blasting Geology Workshop).  The series conducted to date includes:

1st International Blasting Geology Workshop (in association with EXPLO 2011 in Melbourne, Australia, November 2011).
2nd International Blasting Geology Workshop (in association with FRAGBLAST 11 in Sydney, Australia, November 2015).
3rd International Blasting Geology Workshop (in association with FRAGBLAST 12 in Lulea, Sweden, June 2018).

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