Training and Seminars

Training and Seminars

Advanced Wall Control Blasting Short Course (BGTSS1)

Blasting Geomechanics Pty Ltd have developed two day Advanced Wall Control Blasting Short Course.  This short course is periodically offered as a public training course and is also available as an in-house training event.   Topics covered:
Topic 1 Course introduction and context
Topic 2 Wall instability and controls
Topic 3 Techniques for wall control blasting
Topic 4A Blast damage – causes and mechanisms
Topic 4B Physical nature of rock damage due to blasting
Topic 5 Measurement for wall control
Topic 6 Modelling for wall control
Topic 7 Controlling the wall response
Topic 8 Blast design and management
Topic 9 Practical take-away messages

Advanced Blasting Emissions Short Course (BGTSS2)

Blasting Geomechanics Pty Ltd has recently developed a two day training event on the control of Blasting Emissions.

Day one: Consists of the nationally accredited unit titled, RIIBLA402A Monitor and control the effect of blasting on the environment, and covers: ground vibration, airblast, flyrock, fumes, dust, and water pollution. A Statement of Attainment for this unit will be issued by TNLC Thrivability Training & Coaching (RTO provider # 51358) upon successful completion.

Day two: Consists of a short course on advanced blasting emissions, designed to extend the attendees’ knowledge and skills in vibration, airblast and flyrock. This course uses graphical representation rather than a mathematical approach to provide a sound physical understanding as well as some new insights. This course is presented by a world expert in this field. A Certificate of Completion will be issued.

Advanced Vibration Short Course [BGTSS3]

Blasting Geomechanics Pty Ltd have developed two day Advanced Vibration Short Course.  The course has been delivered to our mining clients twice and was well received and refined based on feedback.  This short course will occasionally be offered publicly as well as an in-house training event for mining clients.   Topics covered:

Topic 1 Blast vibration wave types
Topic 2 Practical vibration measurement systems
Topic 3 General vibration analysis
Topic  4 Blast vibration models  
Topic 5 Limitations of any delay system to control vibrations
Topic 6 The vibration response of infrastructure to blasting
Topic 7 Vibration reduction techniques
Topic 8 Blast design tools

Explosive Legislation Awareness Training (BGTSS4)

Blasting Geomechanics Pty Ltd have developed a one day Explosive Legislation Awareness Training course.   The aim of the course is to familiarise attendees with the existing legislative regime and their legal obligations.

Part 1 Appointed person system for explosives

Part 2 Legislative awareness

  • Explosive manufacture
  • Explosive storage
  • Explosive transport
  • Blasting and use of explosive
  • Disposal of unwanted explosives
  • Security of SRS and explosives
  • Enforcement and legal proceedings

Advanced Airblast and Noise Short Course [BGTSS5]

Blasting Geomechanics Pty Ltd have developed a two day short course on advanced aspects of airblast and noise.

Topics covered:
Topic 1 Characteristics of airblast and noise
Topic 2 Practical aspects of airblast and noise measurement
Topic 3 Monitoring equipment
Topic 4 Analysis of recorded data
Topic 5 Airblast superposition modelling
Topic 6 Airblast control techniques
Topic 7 Noise reduction techniques

Blasting Geology Short Course [BGTSS6]

Blasting Geomechanics Pty Ltd have developed a new one day Blasting Geology Short Course.  The course will be delivered to the public and can also be delivered at client sites.  Customisation for a particular site is also possible.   The aim of this course is to raise the profile of blasting geology as a way to improve blasting results.

Topics covered:
Topic 1 Overview of blasting geology
Topic 2 Geology and blasting strategy
Topic 3 Geological control of blasthole drilling
Topic 4 Blast design to cater for geology
Topic 5 Geological controls on damage
Topic 6 Geological controls on blasting results

International Blasting Geology Workshop Series [BGTSS7]

In 2011 TNL Consultants / Blasting Geomechanics hosted a one day International Blasting Geology workshop in Melbourne. The topics presented: geology in quarrying and coal mining environments, influence on blast emissions and bulk movement of ore, detonics and rock response, and blasting in hostile ground.  BGPL are currently planning to host a similar event in 2021, in association with FRAGBLAST 13 (4th International Blasting Geology Workshop).  The series conducted to date includes:

1st International Blasting Geology Workshop (in association with EXPLO 2011 in Melbourne, Australia, November 2011).
2nd International Blasting Geology Workshop (in association with FRAGBLAST 11 in Sydney, Australia, November 2015).
3rd International Blasting Geology Workshop (in association with FRAGBLAST 12 in Lulea, Sweden, June 2018).

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